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Simplify and Streamline

Data and legal documentation is your biggest asset when managing millions of dollars in the timberland asset class. And thanks to due diligence during the property acquisition, when the deal is done, it’s done, right? Wrong. Enter unintended consequences; consequences such as errors or duplicative records, which can lead to disputes, appeals and corrections. At best, they’re a nuisance. At worst, they’re catastrophic.

The supposed remedy, however, is a mishmash of multi-agency legal effort – most of which are in the form of documentation books left quietly sitting untouched on a shelf, in a drawer, or buried under stacks of files and folders. Add in outdated parcel data and legal documents, time-consuming documentation upkeep, and documentation incompatibility with operational systems, and it’s easy to see why timberland asset managers and investors need current and accurate documentation.

The answer? Clean records. Clean records facilitate the management of timberland investment assets more effectively by streamlining the way to keep, find, access and analyze crucial investments records, including: easements/rights-of-way, inspections, surveys, warranty deeds, and other supporting documentation. Orbis, Inc.’s Atlas Land Records provides secure, cloud-based storage, maintenance and analysis of the records data under management by timberland investment companies. This contemporary, efficient solution keeps track of legally accurate investment documents, providing confidential, yet easy access to up-to-date records in always-available, highly searchable form.

Data Analysis
The data undergoes an analysis process to be spatially constructed and placed into legal parcels. Data analysis improves accuracy, quality, document organization, as well as satisfying companies’ fiduciary responsibility.

Integration into Atlas Land Records
Data is integrated in the cloud-based system. Both the legal and spatial documentation are stored and organized for accessibility, operational management, and future use.

As lands record manager, Orbis will provide support to Atlas clients by continuously updating and processing addition documentation on an as needed basis. Updates may result from land sales, purchases, easements, right-of-ways, etc.