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Application Development for Accelerated Delivery

Orbis’ Application Development Services are designed to help you streamline and facilitate your GIS processes by providing custom applications, based on your specific needs and requirements regardless of their complexity. Experience has taught us that while many systems are similar, no two are identical. If we understand the budget, timelines, constraints, and specific individual needs we are well on our way to the most appropriate and productive application.
With our ArcGIS programming capabilities, Orbis offers end-to-end customization and application development solutions for GIS and spatial information systems to accelerate client businesses. We develop on most of the common platforms for data conversion, application development, web application development, mobile applications, data mining and migration, and custom tool development.

Forest Information Portal

Designed for information access, management, and distribution by forestry companies managing commercial timberland.

Streamlining Log Yard Logistics

Provides access for editing, viewing, and reporting all of the data commonly maintained to support Log Yard operations.

Recreational Lease Management System

Turnkey solution supporting the organization and administration of recreation lease operations, including hunting leases, land-permits, as well as mineral and oil leases.

Land Investment Technical Analysis Service

Due diligence solutions for large, multi-parcel timberland, farmland, right-of-way and land management.

What Choose Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Annual Subscriptions

Rather than large up-front capital outlay, SaaS often follows a monthly or annual subscription model, helping even-out budget and meet fluctuating demand.


Your needs today may be different from your needs six months from now. Subscriptions let you flex accordingly.


SaaS products are managed online via a Web browser, and are therefore more universally compatible and less likely to clash with legacy IT systems.

Automatic Software Upgrades

SaaS companies do all the upgrades and development work for you, allowing you to benefit from automatic roll outs. You also avoid in-house tech teams having to do expensive redevelopments when technology advances.

Security Benefits

Staying on top of the latest developments in data security is always at the top of the priority list for SaaS companies to make sure their systems, and your data, are not vulnerable. Therefor, there’s no need to worry about installing security reinforcements across your entire organization.

Access Everything Online

SaaS software allows you and your employees to access, manage and amend their files securely from anywhere. Files are less reliant on manual backups and invulnerable to hardware loss or damage.