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Leading the Way in Timberlands Technology

Orbis’ forest management information system (FIP) is a secure, password protected cloud application designed for information access, management, and distribution by forestry companies managing commercial timberland.

Key Services:

Customizable Department Access

Our system is devised to allow an information director (System Administrator) to authorize which information is shared with certain departments so relevant information can be shared without full access being granted. Permission details are decided upon by your company and customized to fit your particular needs.

Spatial and Tabular Timber Management

This enterprise-level GIS application contains both spatial and tabular timber management information. Our user-friendly interface provides the platform for editing, viewing, and reporting all data commonly maintained to support commercial forestry operations.

Data Security System

Because Orbis understands the nature of the industry we have implemented a data security system designed to meet your company’s demanding security requirements. Our Peak 10 Data center meets the SAS70 Type II and SSAE 16 regulatory compliance.

System Compatibility

Like the majority of Orbis’ products, the forest inventory and geographic information managed within the system is created to coincide with additional management systems.