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Delivering Solutions for Due Diligence

Large, multi-parcel timberland, farmland, right-of-way and land management clients require technical due diligence to be performed prior to a land purchase. The LITASSM processes are an integrated part of these transactions, especially for title insurance applications.

Key Services:

Policy Adherence

LITASSM supports the strict adherence Title Insurance Companies require of the company and industry policies including “same as map” endorsement by reflecting exactly what the client has acquired and for which an insurance certificate is issued.

Proven Success

Orbis’ LITASSM has been recommended and approved as one of the most comprehensive land acquisition tools in the timberland industry.

Secure Organization

Used during the process of many large land transactions as an integral part of the due diligence team Orbis’ LITASSM process collects and organizes data and information from a number of sources to be used during the agricultural and timberland sale. We then provide all parties in the sale or purchase of land tracts with a visual conformation of what they think they are selling, buying, and/or financing through a secure and password protected cloud database.