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Hassle-free Recreational Leases and Permits

Orbis’ Recreational License Management System (RLMS) is a turnkey solution supporting the organization and administration of recreation lease operations, including hunting leases, land-permits, as well as mineral and oil leases.
First released in 2006, this product has led the way in innovation. We are now the largest administrator of licenses/permits with over 10 million acres currently in our client systems, including 1.1 million permits on the west coast.

Key Services:

Improved Efficiency

Our system was created as a cloud product for both the user and the landowner; increasing the efficiency and administration of the hunting lease process by 42%.

Convenient Reporting

The license management (administrative) functions of RLMS provide comprehensive digital and print reports used for accounting, administration and business.

Combined Business and Technical Functionality

RLMS provides the landowner with an administration application, and the end-user with comprehensive lease management tools for streamlined execution of contracts. i.e. telephone support and guidance through the entire lease.

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